Jasper Announces API to Enable Software Platforms to Offer Reliable AI to Their Customers

Jasper offers early access to new API functionality, providing businesses with access to multiple foundation models and the power to customize user experience.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jasper, a generative AI platform, today announced its API, enabling businesses to build Jasper’s powerful AI engine directly into their product, application, or website. Jasper is one of the only AI platforms that offers interoperability across multiple language models for greater reliability, customization, and security.

Jasper’s API accelerates how quickly businesses can integrate generative AI capabilities into their offerings. With an emphasis on privacy, secure access, and ownership of data, Jasper’s API will allow customers to securely add best in class generative AI components to their products without major disruptions to their product roadmap.

“With the pace of innovation in the market, building AI capabilities in house can distract from existing product roadmaps and mission critical business initiatives. For AI to bring value to your end customers, it’s not enough to give end users access to a one-size-fits-all model and call it an AI first approach,” said Shane Orlick, President of Jasper. “Our vision with Jasper’s API is to allow businesses to keep up with the advancements in AI and pass those benefits to their end users without significant development time or budget constraints”.

In addition to the power, reliability and security of the AI engine, Jasper provides API customers with the support of its robust customer success organization, making it faster and easier for developers to get up and running. This means businesses can leverage the power of multiple AI models, which are fine tuned and market tested for business usage, and get them to market quickly with low overhead.

“We believe this new offering will revolutionize how businesses approach content creation,” says Dave Rogensmoser, CEO of Jasper. “The challenge used to be availability of AI, then quickly shifted to accessibility of AI. We are now challenged with the reliability of AI. Consumers are asking questions about how their data is being used to train third party models, why AI capabilities don’t follow them across their user journey, and why the experience isn’t personalized to them. Businesses need to be prepared to answer those questions, and Jasper’s API will help do so.”

Jasper’s new API platform will be available in the coming weeks to all Jasper for Business customers. Sign up here for access.

Founded in 2021, Jasper is a generative AI platform that enables individuals and teams to leverage AI to scale their content strategies. More than 100,000 customers use Jasper to break through writer’s block, repackage what they’ve written, create original images and adapt their content to different formats and languages. Jasper has been recognized as “one of America’s fastest-growing private companies” by Inc. 5000.

For more information about Jasper, visit www.jasper.ai

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