Intuz is Strengthening Cloud Computing with the Strong Evolvement in IoT

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Intuz, a top-notch AWS-Certified Cloud Consulting Company, doing an astonishing job on the grounds of could computing. Having 7+ years of cloud expertise, Intuz has become one of the early adopters of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes. Till now, the company had launched 110+ Ready to Launch AMIs with 17+ Containers and 15+ Cloud Formations that add 800+ Managed Instances. 

Cloud computing Global Market expects the growth of size to $832 billion in 2025 from $371 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 17.5%. Wherein, AWS is leading with 33% shares. AWS certified experts of Intuz has cleared the roadblocks like privacy, security by their efforts in launching and delivering scalable Cloud applications. Intuz has helped 6000+ active subscribers to lessen down the development lifecycle by providing a hassle-free solution. Deploying cloud Stacks, Containers, or CloudFormations on Amazon Web Services Marketplace is made easy for every clientele with Intuzs end-to-end cloud services that cover Cloud Migration, Consultation, Deployment, Cloud DevOps, Disaster Recovery. Also, varied solutions like Amazon ECS, EKS & AWS Fargate allow entrepreneurs to choose from large number of available web Amazon Services.

Intuz is now expanding its wings in IoT to follow Industry revolution 4.0 which emphasizes a lot more in IoT, considering the cognitive demand of businesses for real-time interconnectivity. To revolutionize the cloud experience, Intuz enabled clients to integrate cloud platforms, edge devices, gateways and enforce high-end infrastructure with its cutting edge IoT development solutions. The power-pack solution not only helps to collect and exchange, analyze and monitor data but also enables firms to gain insights on performance and preventive measures of IoT devices. Intuz serves next-gen IoT business solutions in multiple sectors including hospitality, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

We focus on evolving cloud technologies to enable our clientele with avant-garde cloud solutions. AWS Consulting Partner is not just a tag; it reflects the values Intuz delivers to its clients through smart execution and devotion to deliver the best.” Nilay Dhamsania added, “Now our focus is to help businesses capitalize on our IoT solutions and services to improve operational efficiencies, user experiences by harnessing the power of the cloud and IoT technologies.” 

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