Introducing Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 – Bringing SharePoint Collaboration into Outlook

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Colligo, a leading provider of collaborative apps for the digital workplace, today announced the launch of Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365, expanding the email capture and SharePoint collaboration capabilities it delivers to organizations using Microsoft 365 Outlook and SharePoint Online. At a time when global organizations are shifting to the cloud to support work from home, Colligo is significantly extending the productivity and record management power it delivers to modern workers.

When organizations combine Email Manager and Content Manager for Microsoft 365, the add-ins enable workers to achieve maximum productivity from Outlook: easily filing emails and attachments to SharePoint Online from their inbox including on mobile devices, and browsing and sharing any SharePoint file for seamless and secure collaboration.

“IT leaders face the daily challenge of balancing data and knowledge management imperatives with the ease of access and collaboration that workers expect,” said Colligo CEO, Tim Brady. “If organizations don’t satisfy both requirements then corporate information can be lost in silos or inappropriately exposed. We provide email capture and SharePoint collaboration solutions that are intuitive for Outlook users and proven to improve adoption of essential SharePoint record management, increasing content discoverability while reducing legal and security risk. The ROI for any organization is clear.”

Growth in demand for Colligo add-ins is paralleling the adoption surge in Microsoft 365 solutions as global organizations shift to cloud infrastructure to support remote work. In July 2020, Microsoft reported that Office 365 (later renamed Microsoft 365) had 258 million paid seats. Microsoft has been in a prime market position to offer organizations the digital capability to support work from home using their cloud solutions and services. As of July, Microsoft reported that annual revenue from commercial cloud services surpassed $50 billion for the first time.

Colligo’s Email Manager and Content Manager add-ins work in conjunction with Colligo Cloud Admin Console, the Azure-based administration and configuration platform that enables administrators to add-in users, deploy policies, ensure compliance and report analytics. Once Colligo Microsoft 365 solutions are deployed, users will see the same familiar interface wherever they access Outlook online.

The new Colligo Email Manager and Content Manager for Microsoft 365 solutions are available for customers to trial today. Learn more at:

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With more than 10 years of SharePoint-centric expertise, Colligo is a leading provider of collaborative apps for the digital workplace, extending Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and OneDrive for Business with a focus on achieving 100% user adoption. Colligo brings the best of SharePoint into Outlook and everyone’s favourite Microsoft 365 apps. Our suite of solutions make email capture, records classification, and SharePoint collaboration simple, including on mobile devices. We also provide SharePoint offline access to remote workers. Colligo is a Charter Member of the Microsoft Content Service Group and is proud to serve mid-sized organizations, Global 500 customers, and respected SharePoint knowledge management and records management partners. Find out more at

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