Inspectorio Introduces DocuFlow, a Document Management Solution Built for Supply Chains

New document and collaboration technology eliminates paper processes, streamlines workflows, and ensures regulatory compliance for the supply chain

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inspectorio, the leading cloud-based AI-powered SaaS solution for supply chain organizations, today announced the release of Inspectorio DocuFlow, a document management solution. Inspectorio DocuFlow allows supply chain partners to automate and streamline document management workflows, collaborate with users both inside and outside the boundaries of your organization, and ensure proper document control.

Inspectorio DocuFlow eliminates paper processes, improving efficiency, and enabling easier collaboration worldwide. DocuFlow also supports regulatory compliance through strict controls of document versioning, approval, sharing, and storage. Inspectorio’s new document management platform streamlines the management of business-critical documents, automating the creation and review process, including tracking who has approved paperwork and ensuring the right documents are shared with the right people at the right time.

“We created Inspectorio to enable suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to collaborate digitally. With the addition of DocuFlow, customers can automate their paperwork and have better control over the security of their documents throughout the entirety of the supply chain,” said Carlos Moncayo, CEO of Inspectorio. “It has become essential for supply chain companies to continue to digitize to stay competitive. Document management is an integral part of that process and DocuFlow will help create a more efficient and compliant supply chain.”

As compliance requirements increase, document control becomes a more high-risk focal point for supply chains. Research shows that 92% of executives risk losing documents in their email, and 83% of employees must recreate documents that go missing in their company’s network. 

Inspectorio DocuFlow addresses these inefficiencies by reducing manual work and streamlining document management workflows, automating the creation, review, and approval of documents, and tracking the document’s chain of custody. This helps companies abide by compliance requirements, ensuring all document workflows are executed according to schedule and governed properly.

DocuFlow joins a product portfolio featuring Inspectorio Sight, Inspectorio Rise, and Inspectorio Tracking which together provides organizations a holistic view into supply chain performance. Inspectorio Sight empowers retailers, brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to optimize their quality management operations, Inspectorio Rise enables users to manage supply chain audit, compliance, and sustainability activities from a central console, and Inspectorio Tracking provides production monitoring and supply chain visibility.

Inspectorio helps digitize quality, compliance, and production tracking and removes data silos by bringing all production chain activities and data into one platform. Inspectorio’s solutions allow real-time data analysis and reporting across all these activities, enabling organizations to have a predictive rather than reactive approach. Companies interested in learning more can visit

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Inspectorio leads the transformation of the global production chain by building an interconnected, empowered, and sustainable production network. Inspectorio helps brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers manage risk through digitized quality, compliance and production tracking modules, and is used by over 8,000 customers globally, including some of the world’s largest brands and retailers. Inspectorio offers Inspectorio Sight for quality management, Inspectorio Rise for compliance management and Inspectorio Tracking to facilitate improved production tracking. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Inspectorio has over 280 employees across the globe. For more information, visit

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