Infofree Offers 100 Free Business Leads for Wealth Management Professionals and Stockbrokers to Assist with Post-Pandemic Recovery

OMAHA, Neb., June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Infofree, a leading provider of high-quality sales and business leads in the United States, today announced, for a limited time, an exclusive offer of 100 free business leads for wealth management professionals and stockbrokers during the months of July and August. This initiative comes as a result of strong company growth over the past year, with the aim to help wealth and other financial management professionals rebuild and expand their client base after the devastating financial impact of COVID-19.

Although markets bounced back quickly from the COVID-19-triggered crash in March of 2020, the wealth and asset management industry did not escape the plunge unscathed with the start of the pandemic signaling the end of an almost decade-long bull market run. As such, this initiative from Infofree couldn’t come at a better time.

"We are proud to run this initiative to help various industries recover from the impacts of the pandemic," says Vin Gupta, CEO of Infofree. "Our May initiative, where we offered 100 free leads to insurance agents and brokers went incredibly well, with our quality service helping those in the insurance industry to drum up new business through thoroughly-vetted sales leads. Now, we want to do the same for those in the wealth management and stockbroking industry."

A critical consideration in attracting new clients or recapturing those who may have pulled their managed investments during the initial crash is through the utilization of new technologies. Infofree’s cloud-based sales-led data service is one such platform with potential to make a significant impact through the provision of thoroughly-vetted client leads. In addition to the high-quality leads included in the offer, Infofree is constantly expanding to continually build value for users, with over 100,000 new contacts added to the database per month.

Quality is of the utmost importance for Infofree, with each business contact going through a triple-verification quality check to ensure the highest number of viable leads are provided. In fact, databases featured on Infofree have some of the most competitive accuracy statistics on the market, with a 95 percent accurate business database, a 90 percent accurate consumer database, and an 80 percent accurate weekly ‘hot sales leads’ database. This ensures wealth management professionals and stockbrokers can take advantage of a steady new business pipeline, with little wasted time on contacting leads that aren’t viable.

In addition to their quality lead database, the cloud-based service is easy to use and is fully integrated with Further value is added through an integrated customer relationship management, or CRM tool.

Infofree is also affordable, with the subscription-based service offering users unlimited sales leads, mailing lists, business profiles, and precise contact search capabilities, as well as an integrated CRM tool for only $99 per month.

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Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Infofree was founded in 2011 by Vin Gupta, a business lead expert with more than two decades experience in the industry. The affordable subscription-based SaaS platform provides unlimited high-quality and thoroughly-vetted sales leads, mailing lists, business profiles and CRM tools, empowering users from nearly any industry to build robust new business and sales pipelines. For more information, please visit:

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