Indie Game Developer Sunny Side Up Launches New Pixel Art Role-Playing Game

Little Witch in the Woods Welcomes Players into the Magical World of a Witch Intern

NEW YORK, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Up-and-coming indie game developer Sunny Side Up is excited to announce the launch of its latest pixel art role-playing game, Little Witch in the Woods. Now available on Steam for early access, the new game features a day in the life of Ellie in her magical world, where the young witch intern experiments with her new magical powers.

Little Witch in the Woods players will play the role of Ellie and travel to the Witch’s House where they will learn the art of witchcraft, including alchemy, drawing and potion-making. They will then use their new magical powers as they explore the forest, help Ramshackle villagers solve tricky problems, use magic potions, tease kittens, go fishing, meet all kinds of mysterious creatures, and experience the wonderfully-colorful life of witches.

"Little Witch in the Woods is a fun, whimsical game that welcomes players into the magical world of a young witch as she navigates her new powers," said the developer. "This single player game will constantly unlock new powers and areas of exploration, keeping people immersed deep in their role as Ellie and exploring her world as it’s being discovered. We’re excited for users of all ages to experience our latest game and enjoy the world of witchcraft."

The new role-playing game is currently in a continuous state of updating, with more stories about the Witch’s House and Ramshackle Village revealed to players as the version progresses. In addition, more magic-related gameplay and imaginative new maps will be revealed, keeping players entertained and engaged in the witch intern’s exciting world. Players will work to perfect their witchcraft in an effort to finish their internship and become a real witch.

Little Witch in the Woods features both day and night game scenes, and depending on the time of day, forest creatures have a different appearance and varying activities. Ellie, however, maintains a normal sleep routine as a young witch who must get her rest.

Learn more about Little Witch in the Woods online, at Download it from the Steam App Store, at for just $14.39.


SOURCE Sunny Side Up