In Mind Cloud Launches Software Comparison Checklist to Help Manufactures Pick the Right Digital Sales Tools

CHICAGO, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In Mind Cloud, the only scalable Digital Sales Platform purpose-built for manufacturers, today announced the launch of their digital sales software comparison checklist. It is an independent software finder that helps manufacturing business and IT decision makers understand, find, and buy the software they need for a digitized end-to-end sales process.

The curated interactive experience offers users personalized results – providing them with an in-depth checklist of features, functionalities, and technical requirements of the Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Customer Resource Management (CRM), and eCommerce sales software that best complement their business.

"Manufacturers are recognizing the importance of digitalizing every aspect of their business. But sales cycles in manufacturing have fallen behind and become more complicated, with added touchpoints and several variables affecting their customers’ purchase decisions, "said Karen Sood, Chief Technology Officer for In Mind Cloud. "The Software Comparison Checklist is built to help manufacturing decision-makers shorten the lengthy and expensive decision-making process by determining what solution best fits their needs."

Sales digitization software typically includes 3 key sales tools—CPQ, CRM, and eCommerce software. However, there can be various features, functionalities, and technical requirements involved in each of these. Before committing to one or more systems, it’s important to understand and compare options—a process that the comparison checklist facilitates. After answering a few questions, In Mind Cloud’s software comparison checklist provides manufacturers with a comprehensive list of critical features they need to look out for when they are investing in digital sales software.

In Mind Cloud’s digital sales software comparison checklist can also give manufacturing enterprises at every level a jumpstart at understanding what they need to achieve their sales digitalization goals, at a pace that works for them. The self-serve checklist helps manufacturers choose the right sales software for their business, based on where they are now in their digitalization journey and where they want their sales team to be in the rapidly changing future. It is a fast, intuitive experience that can help all levels of manufacturing sales teams choose the right platform for digital transformation.

"Sales digitalization is a necessity, but it can be hard to get right, and companies may be at different stages in their digitization journey which creates other challenges," said Sushant Podtdar, In Mind Cloud’s Head of Product. In addition to the necessary features of digital sales tools, the software checklist can be quickly converted into a compliance list that manufacturers can send to software vendors—a valuable tool when selecting the right software implementation partners for their business.

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