Immersion Analytics Releases v2021.1 of its Visualizer Software

BOSTON, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Immersion Analytics, the leader in immersive data and content visualization, proudly releases v2021.1 of its VisualizerTM software and Runtime offerings.  This release unlocks faster and more complete data analysis, easier data storytelling, and works on more devices you already have.

Immersion Analytics products expand your capacity to understand data and gain insight at a level once requiring AI or machine learning.  Our patented technology makes it easy to communicate otherwise complex topics.  Your newly expanded perspective on data, unlocked by Visualizer, impacts a wide variety of markets and use cases, including business intelligence, financial markets, cybersecurity, AI governance and customer 360.  Each segment benefits from Visualizer to gain insight beyond the reach of business intelligence, AI or machine learning offerings alone.

Enhance Your Data Analysis, Storytelling and Collaboration

See Modern Datasets Like Never Before
Everyday businesspeople use v2021.1 to holistically see up to 18 dimensions about each data point in their visualizations — a feat never before possible.  Visualizer renders multiple data dimensions using special effects as additional axes about each data point.  Varying the intensity of each effect conveys additional fields about each record of data.

Visualize Multivariate Time Series Data
v2021.1 adds novel animations and data visualization types designed specifically to improve understanding and ease communicating complex time series topics.

Rapidly Understand Complex Network Data
By adding dimensional visualizations of multivariate graph data, Visualizer helps you better understand complex topics such as artificial neural networks and cybersecurity.

Collaborate with Your Team
Lead a real-time immersive presentation where your participants can experience data using their preferred device.

Tell Impactful Data Stories using Stepwise Storyboarding™
After gaining new insights, you need to share them with others.  v2021.1 adds Stepwise Storyboarding to reveal data dimensions as layers, one at a time.  Introducing each dimension incrementally along your narrative arc gently expands your audience’s understanding of your data.

v2021.1 also adds a recording mode for creating immersive data experiences easily shared with others.  Recordings created using an immersive headset can incorporate your pointer and verbal commentary.

Incorporate Immersion Analytics into Existing Hardware, Software and Workflows

Use a Variety of Devices you already have
Use Immersion Analytics on flat screen devices, including PC, smart screen, Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone.  Immersive experiences on flat screens are enhanced using touchscreen interactions.  Flat screens complement our robust support for mixed, augmented and virtual reality, including Microsoft HoloLens 2, Magic Leap 1, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

Integrate with Qlik Sense® Data Analytics Platform
This release adds native workflow integration for business users and data analysts using Qlik’s leading data analytics platform, Qlik Sense.

Incorporate Immersive Technology in Existing Software and Workflows
The Immersion Analytics Runtime enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to integrate immersive visualization, presentation, and collaboration natively into their existing enterprise offerings & workflows, accomplished using familiar API technologies.  Enterprise developers and ISVs no longer need to learn unfamiliar tools and technologies intended for the video game industry to leverage immersive technology. 

About Immersion Analytics
Immersion Analytics is the leading developer of immersive data and content visualization software.  Our flagship product, Visualizer, enables companies of any size to more completely understand and communicate their data as a competitive and operational advantage.

The Immersion Analytics Runtime offering enables enterprise ISVs to differentiate existing enterprise offerings and workflows by including valuable immersive visualization, presentation and collaboration capabilities.  Developers accomplish this using familiar technologies in concert with our runtime.

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