How Linguix, an AI Writing Assistant and Coach, Helps to Overcome Language Barrier in the Workplace

MIAMI, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Because of the pandemic, a lot of businesses have shifted to remote work, allowing talented non-native speakers to join predominantly English-speaking companies. Despite all the advantages, there is one significant issue that affects successful teamwork and communication–the English language proficiency level.

To better understand how this affects employee performance, Linguix’s team analyzed data from 2146 respondents, of whom almost 73% were non-native speakers.

Key takeaways

  • Over 54% of respondents have experienced a language barrier in the workplace. Which means, more than half of the employees might be underperforming due to linguistic issues.
  • 90% of all the respondents think English writing skills directly affect their career and an inability to speak English prevents workers from advancing to better-paying jobs.
  • What’s more, 60% of English-natives have struggled to communicate with non-native coworkers in writing. So, obviously, the lack of English language skills concerns most of the team, not only non-natives themselves.
  • The overwhelming majority agree that companies should help non-native employees improve their writing skills. Which means, it’s in the employer’s interests to provide employees with the necessary training and tools, such as an AI writing assistant.

It’s widely believed that non-natives who speak English fluently are better accepted and earn more. Linguix is committed to helping sound more native, at least, when it comes to the written language, by offering AI-based solutions that empower employees to make the most of their written communications.

"Unlike other AI writing assistants, Linguix not only fixes grammar, but also helps to master the language by offering a feature called Writing Coach. It uses the information about writing mistakes people make to offer them personalized language training," explained founder and CEO Alex Lashkov.

Alex added: "As our survey has shown, language barriers are real and can significantly hamper employees’ performance and work communication. To deal with this problem, companies should pay more attention to providing non-natives with all the necessary training and tools to help them improve their skills. We created Linguix with the goal of helping people to communicate clearly and effectively."

About Linguix

Based in Miami, Linguix is an AI-powered software that helps more than 328,000 users, 55,700 of which are from India and 45,000 of which are from Latin America, by offering intelligent tools which are designed to help you write powerfully, clearly and correctly–whether you are writing business emails, essays, text messages or crafting a CV. 

Mary Glazkova,

SOURCE Linguix