Giftsenda Helps Businesses Increase their ROI through Corporate Gifting

It has become increasingly essential for companies to invest in tools capable of strengthening their existing relationships with partners and clients, while forging new ones with prospects. Giftsenda, a corporate gifting platform that combines gifting with direct mail, enables companies to reimagine their business processes and assists in increasing ROI through strategic corporate gifting.

ARLINGTON, Mass., May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The US-based Giftsenda Platform has been designed to help Marketing, Sales and CX teams around the world break through the noise and make meaningful business connections with gift-first tactics at strategic touchpoints – driving more conversions to increase ROI. Since its launch in 2021, its customers have enjoyed the benefits of a more personal approach to business, with increased bottom-line and consistent revenue growth. According to the founder, Dmitriy Peregudov, the platform was created with their customer’s needs in mind and built on over 20 years of experience in delivering gifts across the world for a more streamlined gifting experience.

When it comes to business, Peregudov believes that people preside over processes. As such, it is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to take the psychological impact of gifting into consideration when effective marketing and sales outreach is concerned. This way, a great emphasis is placed on the effects gifts have on recipients and the reactions they trigger. "I’ve always believed that sending a gift is a great way to build customer loyalty, and in recent years I’ve taken it a step further with our gift-first approach, driving conversions at various stages of the customer’s journey".

Giftsenda enables companies to use gifting as a first touchpoint, before requiring any action from the recipient, whether it be a meeting invite or to celebrate onboarding a new client, instead of traditional email pitches and cold calling, guaranteeing less persuasive actions and more meaningful efforts towards conversions.

The platform has recently launched a new feature called Collections, which enables customers to send a curated selection of gifts, based on a price range or theme, with the use of a shareable gift link. No address is needed to use this gifting option and customers can save time, while providing recipients with a premium gifting experience and the luxury of choice. Special gift collections can be put together on demand.

The Collections feature comes along with some other notable features that are available, including:

  • The option to choose from 1000s of gift items and automate gifting to more than 200 countries worldwide.
  • Prospects can choose if they would like to accept or swap their gifts for items that best match their preferences.
  • Recipients can choose the gift donation option and make a donation to their preferred selection from a 1000 charities in the event that gifts cannot be accepted due to company policies.
  • Customers can send private-branded emails from their domain using DKIM verification for better response rates.

Businesses can get more information about the benefits of using the platform by visiting Giftsenda’s website or contacting them for a demo. Giftsenda is also open to partnerships with leading marketing agencies & integration partners worldwide to empower their customers with one-stop global gifting solutions.

About Giftsenda

Giftsenda is a global scale gifting and direct mail platform launched by a team of gifting professionals with over 20 years of experience in sending gifts worldwide. Giftsenda offers businesses a SaaS to help them leverage corporate gift campaigns to improve their sales and marketing team initiatives. Learn more at

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