Giftsenda Enhances the Gifting Experience with Salesforce Integration Updates

ARLINGTON, Mass., May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Giftsenda, a US-based corporate gifting platform, designed to help businesses break through the noise, is assisting businesses with their international and local gifting campaigns by integrating their gifting platform with Salesforce to offer Marketing and Sales professionals a seamless sending experience.

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms in the industry. With the new integration in place, companies can reach their target audience with timely delivered gifts directly from Salesforce, without having to leave their current workflows. This will save time for BDRs, and Sales and Marketing Reps as the campaigns can be started alongside other marketing or sales activities.

This integration between Salesforce and Giftsenda will:

–  Provide a method to engage prospects and leads from different countries within one campaign
–  Allow users to create 1:1 and bulk campaigns with advanced sending and address-collection features.
–  Enable companies to get visibility on pipeline activity that has been influenced by gifting within Salesforce, such as closed-won opportunities and more.
–  Allow teams to send options from any number of approved gift items directly from the Salesforce instance for a personalized experience without having to leave the current workflow.
–  Track all the gifts that are sent as activities in Salesforce and connect them to Giftsenda campaigns.

With the help of the integration, one-to-one gifting campaigns are created and managed directly through Salesforce, so that it’s easy to send a gift or a curated collection of gifts straight from the contact or lead page. Gift collections can be curated personally by the sender to give recipients specific options to choose from, or by gift type such as eGifts, or by price range. Gifts are also accompanied by personalized messages that can include contact tokens that are automatically pulled, enabling more effective account-based efforts and improved customer retention.

With the latest updates, a fully automated sync of campaign member statuses was deployed, so that companies can track and measure one-to-one or bulk campaign performance in the Salesforce environment and record activities for each gift recipient. Users can see every step of the process, including when the gift is accepted, selected, and shipped. It also offers insight on the success of gift types and campaigns as a whole. Monitoring campaigns through Salesforce can lead to improvements in efficiency for future campaigns.

The integration has allowed companies to have an all-in-one solution to launch corporate gifting campaigns, locally and internationally. What’s more, the logistics of sending are managed by the Giftsenda team, removing the manual effort that usually goes into sending gifts, therefore providing a truly tech-forward approach to gifting. The integration is already in place and is available for Giftsenda platform users. Visit to find out more.

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