Gaming Industry Disruptors at Altura Announce Marketplace V2 Coming End of April

Marketplace V2 comes with a reimagined gaming-focused design and a slew of new features such as external collections, multi-chain support, offers and bidding and much more

MIAMI, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altura, a next generation NFT gaming platform that empowers game developers to mint, distribute, and transact Smart NFTs has announced that MarketplaceV2 is launching by the end of April.  Altura provides powerful APIs, SDKs, and Smart NFT technology, making it the first gaming NFT platform of its kind. In addition, Altura has announced that if you sign up for the waiting list for the launch of marketplace V2, you will receive a free loot box key on launch day.

Altura Co-founders Majd Hailat and Maxim Sindall explain that Altura goes beyond the basic NFT because the platform allows users to mint NFTs which are stackable and non-stackable while having the ability to control royalty fees, properties, and circulating and maximum supply. "Our NFT marketplace not only allows users to create NFTs but gives them the opportunity to participate in the gaming economy. This would be achieved with the integration of gaming items, your favorite creators, and artists," said Hailat.

For many games, the essential element of unlocking certain items and levels exist within loot boxes. Loot boxes are an excellent source of revenue for many game developers, and a compelling element to Altura. Altura has created its own in-house RNG for their loot boxes. They prioritize randomness and unbiasedness in determining the contents provided from a loot box. Developers can use Alturas loot boxes to unlock the power of chance in their games to keep players engaged.

Smart NFTs are the face of Alturas brand. Smart NFTs are NFTs that dynamically change to reflect a wide variety of conditions including time-based conditions, function-call-based conditions, and many others which create a new way to experience NFTs. NFT’s that can seamlessly change with events in real time create unique value for players previously unseen in the NFT gaming space.

Smart NFTs and their metadata live on the Binance Network and are represented as BEP1155 smart contracts. The Altura token (ALU) is the native token that is used for marketplace transactions. Since ALU is supported on the Binance Network, it can be purchased on pancake swap with Binance tokens (BNB). As of June 2021, Binance Exchange is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, supporting more than 1.4 million transactions per second. Binance Smart Chain is a fast and inexpensive alternative to Ethereum and is one of the most popular systems for buying, selling, and creating unique digital items right now.

Smart NFTs will be a big part of video games in the future as they allow gamers to own assets that adequately represent in-game items and the changes that happen around them. Right now, in-game items are centralized, meaning all game-related data is stored on servers that are fully controlled by the game developers or administrators. They are also not easily exchangeable and challenging to implement. Altura provides the tools and infrastructure for developers to easily create and integrate Smart NFTs for their video games and applications in a decentralized manner. Smart NFTs let gamers share, own, and profit from their gaming accomplishments.


Majd is a talented full-stack developer who has built creative and unique solutions within the blockchain space. As the lead developer at Altura he has created an innovative framework that is leading the next revolution within NFTs; Smart NFTs. Additionally, Majd created a popular cryptocurrency tracking app called "Portfolio View: Crypto Tracker" and grew a YouTube Audience of 15,000 subscribers before starting Altura NFT.


Maxim has experience in education, public speaking, private investment management and fostering relationships in business. Maxim has traveled several times within the US and Canada to educate about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Additionally, Maxim has managed private investments and leads the business strategy at Altura, which focuses on creating long-term growth relationships.

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