Full Skope and Boss Insights Partner to Give Business Lenders and Payment Providers a Competitive Edge

Global leader in lending solutions Full Skope partners with Boss Insights’ API platform to offer business lenders global leading access to financial data (accounting, banking, commerce, payroll, and tax data)

SAN ANTONIO and TORONTO, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Full Skope, the creator of SkopeLend, a best-in-breed, modern loan origination platform for both consumer and commercial loans partners with Boss Insights, global leader in access to information on business data from accounting, commerce, payroll, tax & more. By offering data beyond one category, financial institutions will streamline SMB lending and unearth financial insights.

The partnership provides financial institutions with business data that will close financial gaps between SMB and funding — accelerating the speed and accuracy of an SMB’s access to capital by connecting their business apps — seamlessly ingesting relevant data in seconds.

Full Skope works with business lenders to provide a game-changing loan origination system: an elegant, configurable platform that makes it easier than ever for lenders to digitize and streamline their operations. Built on the Salesforce Force.com platform, it includes the world’s leading CRM platform along with a digital application, a borrower and lender portal, partner portal, underwriting module, auto-generated loan documents with e-signature, and credit renewals. Full Skope enables lenders to instantly understand their customer’s financial needs and deliver a complete range of financial services anytime, anywhere, on any device.  The decision to partner with Boss Insights was based on client needs. 

Boss Insights offers the global leading access to information on private business data. By offering data in accounting, commerce, sales, banking, and more, Boss Insights has provided the ecosystem with the ability to get the deepest access to financial data on private businesses with a single connection. This allows fintechs, private lenders, payment companies, and financial institutions to utilize this technology for a greater percentage of their business client base. SkopeLend LOS now presents a personalized, data-driven approach when serving their clients with faster decisions, renewals, or offering product suggestions specific to their needs.

"SkopeLend LOS works with banks, credit unions, private lenders, and fintechs and one thing was clear, access to real-time financial information and the ability to calculate ratios was a differentiator. Boss Insights stands apart because not only do they provide the global leading coverage of accounting, commerce, and banking data sources, they also provide an API development engine so our clients’ needs have been met each and every time." Rudy Navarro, Chief Product Officer, Full Skope

In partnering, Boss Insights data will be available on the SkopeLend LOS, while lenders and financial institutions utilizing SkopeLend LOS will better serve, understand and address gaps in the SMB lending space. Through this partnership, Full Skope aims to accelerate product development and growth by making exceptional data and technology more accessible to these financial institutions and finally, closing the gap for SMB (small and medium businesses) access to capital.

"The industry is evolving at a rapid rate, and digitization is here to stay. Full Skope offers a seamless solution that can be adopted quickly in market by banks, credit unions, fintechs, and private lenders who want the latest in technology. They are innovation first and look to lead the industry with best-in-class technology. This approach offers a competitive advantage in market and we’re excited to be partnering to continue to automate the science behind lending so that service providers can focus on the art." Keren Moynihan, CEO, Boss Insights  

About FullSkope

Full Skope LLC is a financial services technology company with offices in downtown San Antonio, TX. Full Skope offers a range of leading, innovative products for banks, credit unions, and non-bank lenders, in addition to its flagship product, SkopeLend Loan Origination System. For more information visit www.fullskope.com.

About Boss Insights

Boss Insights is an award-winning global leader in open banking, linking fintech and financial institutions to their SMB clients’ financial accounting, commerce/sales, banking, payroll, and tax applications to access real-time data (e.g., QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Amazon, etc.) Boss Insights provides portals to originate, decision, and service fintech and financial institutions. In an industry that needs speed and access to real-time data, Boss Insights empowers fintech, private lenders, and financial institutions to serve their business customers. For more information, visit www.bossinsights.com.

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