Findability Sciences Launches ERP-Max, an AI Micro Product to Helps Enterprises Maximize ERP Data

First-of-its-kind AI middleware connects data within ERPs and external third-party sources to deliver actionable leading indicators

BOSTON, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Findability Sciences, a global provider of enterprise AI solutions, today announced the launch of ERP-Max, a cost-effective add-on AI micro-product for ERP systems. ERP-Max by Findability Sciences is a configurable and customizable AI toolkit, allowing enterprises to have access to actionable leading indicators such as forecasting, prediction, and propensity modeling, effectively unlocking the data in ERP systems to deliver faster ROI. 

In the current business landscape, traditional enterprises are aiming for agile technology to digitally transform its business and accelerate growth.  While ERP systems are strategic for entering, storing, and tracking data related to various business transactions, CIOs, COOs, and business analysis teams have struggled over decades to extract, transform and load data from ERP systems and utilize it for AI/ML applications. In addition, many organizations find combining ERP data with outside data can be time-consuming, expensive, and often will not produce real-time analytics.

As enterprises spearhead digital transformation journeys, the demand to be flexible and the ability to connect to enterprise data across the organization has never been more paramount. "ERP-Max has an accuracy rate of over 95% forecasted predictions and is a cost-effective game-changer for the global ERP market which is touted to be over $32Bn¹ by the turn of next year. We believe that our solution will soon emerge to be indispensable to businesses that use ERP systems," says Anand Mahurkar, Founder and CEO of Findability Sciences.

ERP-Max connects to ERP systems through a middleware connector and extracts historic data to be used for Machine Learning to create models. This middleware also has the ability to connect to data either within the organizations (such as CRM or HR systems) or external data (such as news or social media). The middleware then feeds into the leading proprietary Enterprise AI flagship offering, Findability.AI, which seamlessly develops, selects and deploys models to provide highly accurate predictions and forecasting. Findability Sciences has developed ERP- Max to provide actionable data related to supply chain, inventory, finance, and human resources.

ERP-Max is offered in the US, Japan, and India market.

Findability Sciences works with various manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and retail companies worldwide in helping them to make use of the ERP data in AI/ML applications. Some of the industry-leading enterprises are already using ERP-Max and reaping the benefits:

  • Findability Science’s ERP-Max helped one of the largest used car retailers in India with estimating residual automotive prices with greater accuracies.
  • Findability Sciences deployed ERP-Max for one of the largest electronic component manufacturers to generate real-time quotes with forecasted prices for all leading indicators.
  • By connecting to ERP data, Findability Sciences has provided 95%+ accuracies on sales forecasting for thousands of products for one of the largest air conditioner manufacturers in the United States.
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