Ekin Solutions, Inc. Announces Automated Code-Creation Tool

STERLING, Va., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Software development continues to be at the very foundation of advances and innovation in products and services, but the challenge has been overcoming the complexity and cost. Coding needs to be simpler, more cost-efficient, and quicker to pivot, and now it is. Ekin Solutions has developed a specific tool known as UIWeaver that incorporates a unique drop-and-drag capability that can reduce application development time by more than 70 percent. Specifically, the UIWeaver tool provides a drop-in-code capability that reduces development projects to a matter of days. And almost any two-week sprint agile software development project can be completed in half the time or less.

The benefits of using automated code accrue through quickly overcoming data loss, poor performance, technical limitations, and high expenditures from outdated, legacy systems. The results are increased efficiency, higher performance, scalable applications and low maintenance costs afforded by application modernizations. Ekin Solutions’ use of innovations like the UIWeaver invention has performed many of those time-sensitive transformation requirements in public and private industry settings including the FAA, Amtrak, the GSA, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Allegiance Advisory Group, among others.

Ekin Solutions, Inc. is a successful 8A-certified, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and minority-owned corporation that developed out of its unique ability for handling code-challenging projects. The company’s mission as technology advisors is to provide comprehensive software solutions to entities across the globe through their technology consulting, software delivery, and training groups. Ekin Solutions’ services range from IoT to Cloud Computing, DevOps, Cyber Security and Data Analytics. An IT Modernization Project Director says, "Ekin played a critical role in our hybrid SharePoint migration. With their experience and proactive planning, we were able to put forward a plan with measurable milestones."

Ekin Solutions’ application modernization program benefits from the UIWeaver tool, developed in great part by Rajashekar "Raj" Ramasahayam, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expert at Ekin Solutions, Inc. Ekin Solutions’ CEO Josh Barr says, "Raj has played a crucial role in developing UIWeaver and many other automation tools that have helped our company grow and enabling our clients to achieve their goals."

The superpower of the UIWeaver tool for software developers, designers, and companies is in the production-ready code that can be dropped into each component with their unit tests included. The code is robust, efficient, and GSA Section 508-compliant, assuring accessibility for people with disabilities. Mr. Ramasahayam notes, "The UIWeaver tool can be incorporated into any Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which reduces costs stemming from the increased productivity. For example, in the banking industry, the loan life cycle has been greatly condensed to as few as five business days by using our drop-in-code innovation."

The UIWeaver tool is currently in limited use and will become more widely available in coming months. For more information about the UIWeaver tool or insights on application modernization, contact Josh Barr at
or (703) 957-0399.

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