Eidex Joins Forces with Munetrix to Elevate K-12 Education Technology

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eidex, a pioneer in K-12 data visualization, is thrilled to announce its acquisition by Munetrix, a leading performance analytics platform that consolidates siloed K-12 data into actionable insights. This significant merger is part of a joint vision to expand capabilities and offerings in the K-12 educational technology space. The merger aims to benefit educators and students across the country by delivering a comprehensive and enhanced suite of performance analytics solutions.

“Eidex has always been committed to helping school leaders make data-driven decisions for better student outcomes,” said Eidex CEO, Dr. Doug LaFleur. “By becoming part of the Munetrix family, we not only continue to fulfill this commitment but also amplify our impact. We’re excited about what this means for our customers and the wider K-12 community.”

On the strategic move, Ginny Norton, Munetrix CEO, remarked, “The integration of Eidex into our operations expands market share and fuels our ability to innovate. It’s an exciting development that resonates with our mission of simplifying data and performance analytics for educators to help improve student achievement and district performance.”

The following key benefits are anticipated from the Eidex-Munetrix merger:

  • Extended Product Range: Customers can look forward to a wider array of solutions customized to their particular needs.
  • Heightened Expertise: The combined proficiency of both companies will enable a more nuanced understanding of customer requirements and a heightened level of support.
  • Faster Innovation: A larger team and shared resources mean quicker development and implementation of new features.

Additionally, Dr. Doug LaFleur, recognized for his extensive experience in K-12 educational technology, will be joining the Munetrix leadership team, further signifying the depth of expertise the combined entity will hold.

About Eidex:

Eidex is a K-12 data analytics firm devoted to its mission of supporting school leaders in using data to help students succeed. Founded in 2012, Eidex has grown to position itself as a leader in K-12 data analytics across the state.

About Munetrix:

Built by a team of educators and data scientists, the Munetrix data-as-a-service platform combines disparate District/School data with publicly available K-12 data to provide real-time, actionable insights on academic, operational, and fiscal performance to support improvements in student achievement and district outcomes.

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