Echo360 Learners See Potential in Generative AI Technology

Company’s worldwide “EchoPulse” survey finds technology users cautiously optimistic about generative AI’s instructional and learning impacts.

NEW YORK, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Echo360, the most comprehensive, global, SaaS-based video platform for creating, delivering, and measuring learning engagement outcomes in any learning environment, reports its higher education users around the world as being more hopeful than skeptical about the influence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and popular applications like ChatGPT.

The findings come from a recent survey of over 550 EchoVideo users across North America (NA), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions in which Echo360 operates.  The proprietary “EchoPulse” survey probed on customer awareness, attitudes, and potential use cases for generative AI and ChatGPT; two of the hottest trending topics and applications influencing the discussion, debate, and product development in the global EdTech sector.  EchoPulse surveys are one of the many ways Echo360 measures customer sentiment and technology trends affecting the broader inspired learning landscape.

“This recent EchoPulse found that our higher education users are cautiously optimistic about what generative AI can do to improve both the instructing experience and their learning outcomes,” said Jeff Peterson, Echo360’s Chief Marketing and Experience Officer.  “While we did see some slight variance by geography, the overall sentiment was both positive and prescriptive.” 

For example, over 66% of global EchoVideo users agreed that generative AI technologies had the potential to positively transform the way learners learn, with 68% agreement in North America, 61% agreement in EMEA, and 83% in APAC.  When asked about specific applications, users cited generative AI’s ability to enable personalized content creation (55%), help instructors generate content more quickly (57%), and to help students with creative springboards (64%).

While EchoPulse survey findings about generative AI were generally positive, individual verbatims suggest that higher education is still in its early days of understanding the long-term influences and impacts of generative AI.  “I don’t think generative AI will replace human authors; original work is still needed,” one respondent stated.  “However, there is work to be done to monitor that it is not abused and that it follows policies that protect original work and doesn’t discriminate. Overall, I think as a technology it helps in small tasks to move human work to larger tasks and doesn’t replace humans. I think it’s a good thing as long as it’s used correctly.”

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