DSD Business Systems Now Officially a Sage Tech Partner with Multi-Currency Enhancements for Sage 100 Now Available on Sage Marketplace

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DSD Business Systems, a renowned provider of business management software solutions, is thrilled to announce that all DSD Multi-Currency Enhancements for Sage 100 are now Sage Certified and listed on the Sage Marketplace. This certification marks a significant milestone for DSD, adding Sage Tech Partner to the list of designations awarded to the firm.

Enhanced Global Business Capabilities

DSD’s Sage 100 Multi-Currency Enhancements empower Sage 100 users seeking global business capabilities through optimized multi-currency transactions, allowing businesses to efficiently manage multiple currencies with ease.

Key features include:

  • Real-Time Currency Conversion: Enjoy automated real-time currency conversion for sales, purchases, and financial reports, ensuring transaction accuracy.

  • Advanced Currency Management Tools: Access enhanced tools for managing currency gains, losses, and revaluations.

  • Customizable Exchange Rate Tables: Create and maintain custom exchange rate tables tailored to different transaction types.

Seamless Integration and Support

The Multi-Currency Enhancements seamlessly integrate with the existing Sage 100 system, ensuring a smooth transition for current users. DSD Business Systems offers comprehensive support and training to help businesses maximize the benefits of these new features.

Empowering Businesses in a Global Marketplace

In the words of Mike Ritchie, Director of Product Management for Sage 100, “It’s exciting to see DSD make these multi-currency tools available through the Sage Marketplace. DSD has been an important part of our Sage developer and reseller community for a long time, and this is another exciting example of collaboration between our companies.”

Shabnam Munjal, of Munjal White Consulting, a longtime partner of DSD Business Systems, shared her enthusiasm: “DSD’s Multi-Currency Suite is a must-have for our clients in Canada, as they operate in both US Dollars and Canadian Dollars. We have partnered with DSD Business Systems for the last 30 years, and have implemented DSD Multi-Currency for our Sage 100 users, who are consistently impressed with the seamless handling of various currencies, making international transactions a breeze for their businesses. We are excited to see this very important Sage 100 solution added to the Sage Marketplace!”

Jon Reiter, Development Division President at DSD Business Systems, emphasized the significance of the Multi-Currency solution: “DSD’s Multi-Currency is the most important Sage 100 solution on the market, as it gives businesses the ability to buy and sell in different countries, giving Sage 100 the feature set needed for global business operations, while also providing seamless integration with all Sage 100 modules. We are excited to now have the DSD Multi-Currency suite present on the Sage Marketplace, as it coincides with the 30th anniversary of the initial release of the of products back in 1993.”

About DSD Business Systems

DSD Business Systems has been a leading provider of business management software solutions and custom development since 1984. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, DSD delivers cutting-edge solutions that help businesses thrive in a dynamic economic landscape.

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