Dottid Unveils New User-Friendly Interface and Features for Superior Office, Retail, Industrial Leasing & Asset Management Platform

DALLAS, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dottid, the commercial real estate (CRE) SaaS technology platform for asset management and leasing transactions, announced today it has successfully launched a new User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) offering streamlined access to Dottid’s services, allowing office, retail and industrial property owners, brokers and tenants the ability to gain real time insights into occupancy, deal activity, upcoming lease expirations and vacant suites. Dottid’s platform – the most collaborative and data rich environment – facilitates both leasing and asset management.

The company’s new UI/UX enables and promotes collaboration between users and third-party consumers, allowing privacy and permissions customization, depending on the users’ role. Dottid’s collaborative tools promote teamwork and provide the ability to generate joint-effort opportunities, tag users in comments, assign tasks and requests in real time. Dottid is the first and only platform in the field to provide this type of user experience, with specific tools and windows for industrial, retail and office properties and portfolios.

The new and enhanced UI/UX pays attention to the importance of data. Dottid’s platform provides users with the ability to capture and harness a range of information, making it not only visible and easy to access but actionable. While competitors focus on visibility, Dottid is about going further; taking data and focusing on what to do with it, weaving information and opportunity seamlessly into the platform. Dottid has now been implemented in tens of millions of square feet of office and industrial properties nationwide.

"We are incredibly excited to roll out the enhanced version of Dottid’s new UI/UX design," said Dottid CEO and Founder Kyle Waldrep. "Dottid is putting clients’ needs front and center and offering them a smoother, easier way to manage their assets. The new design provides a unique space to come together in an easy-to-manage environment, rich with visual tools to track every square foot and transaction from vacancy to offering, tour to deal signing, and build-out to move-in. This is just the beginning as we continue to expand product offerings, the Dottid way – simple, smart, and effective."

Dottid was introduced in January of 2020, with a unique, custom platform that was developed based on four years of input from CRE leasing and asset management professionals to offer an exceptional user experience and design simplicity. It is the first and only platform to track every moment of a leasing transaction – from managing inventory of space through offering, negotiation, tenant improvements, and occupancy. Dottid Industrial, a custom extension of the original Dottid offering, was introduced in 2021 and designed with new feature sets to bring all parties together and drive business value for a high performing and often tech underserved asset class.

"My experience with Dottid has been phenomenal, with nothing but positive feedback from outside brokers as well," said Mark De La Torre, vice president of Holt Lunsford Commercial Investments (HLCI), a Dallas-based commercial real estate company that acquires and develops industrial and office buildings. "Deal flow efficiency and collaboration are key in commercial real estate transactions. Dottid provides a platform where I can access all of my leasing info and related documents in one location, increasing productivity, and creating a place where different teams can come together and collaborate to move deals forward."

"It’s exciting to see customers interacting with a technology that confirms the immediate benefits of a platform built specifically to facilitate deal-making, track all details both pre-lease and post-lease, and provide needed transparency and vertical integration for real estate teams," added Dottid Chief Product Officer Alex Hibbard. "Our team has brought tremendous attention to detail, offering a visual experience that stands out, prioritizing ease of use and efficiency. Dottid simply can solve everyday problems for owners, asset managers, brokers, and all parties pertinent to a transaction."

About Dottid: Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dottid provides a digital process management solution that drives commercial real estate leasing transactions designed by and for CRE professionals. Dottid aims to revolutionize the CRE industry through the use of technology and streamlining the leasing transaction process, allowing owners, brokers, and tenants to close more deals faster and with lower costs, ultimately creating a better customer experience for the tenant.

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