Dexter Caffey, CEO of Smart Eye Technology, To Speak at Cybertech NYC Conference

NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Eye Technology, a biometric-based file sharing platform, today announced that its CEO and Founder Dexter Caffey has been invited to speak at the Cybertech NYC conference on October 20. The event brings together leaders of the cyber ecosystem from New York and from around the world. This is the first Cybertech conference held in New York; previous Cybertech conferences have been held in major cities throughout the World.

Smart Eye Technology provides superior screen and file-sharing security with its proprietary biometric technology that utilizes continuous facial, voice, and fingerprint recognition. The company has built a platform that allows users to access, share, and e-sign files securely while simultaneously fighting visual hacking, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and even casual public shoulder surfing.

Smart Eye introduced its product line last year with the release of the Smart Eye App for both iOS and Android. The revolutionary app uses the same personalized biometric technology to automatically block a user’s smartphone screen from unwanted and wandering eyes as soon as an unauthorized face is detected. This was followed by desktop versions for MacOS and Windows available through the Samsung AppStack store as well as Microsoft’s Azure marketplace and the AWS Marketplace.

Smart Eye’s groundbreaking technology and multifaceted product growth with partners like Adobe, Adobe Sign, and Samsung have positioned the company for both US and international expansion.

"We’re excited to be among such a distinguished group of speakers and presenters," said Caffey, "This is a great opportunity to introduce our secure, biometric-based solution to the world."

The appearance in New York follows an appearance by Caffey last week at the Future Innovation Summit 2021 in Dubai.

"We’re also excited to announce a partnership with Absolute Software – a leading endpoint resilience provider embedded in the firmware of more than half a billion PCs – to extend its undeletable line of defense and self-healing capabilities to our application," added Caffey. "We’ll share more details about this partnership in the coming weeks."

The free Smart Eye Mobile App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play today.

About Smart Eye Technology

Smart Eye Technology is revolutionizing the way businesses protect their confidential information from unauthorized access. With Smart Eye, sharing and viewing files and e-signing business-critical documents has never been more secure, and keeping shared confidential information private has never been more assured. Smart Eye Technology was created to vigilantly protect everyone’s right to digital privacy and security. Helping companies stay productive by giving them peace of mind is our mission. Mobile versions are available for Android and iOS. For more information or to schedule a live demo of the innovative Smart Eye Technology platform, visit

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