Creating Art with a Breakthrough Photoshop Auto-Painting Plugin

Just four steps from photography to creative digital artwork

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The new Trulyscene Artbox Plugin, co-developed by Picture Instruments and Photoscena, is now available from the Adobe Marketplace. The Plugin brings autonomous painting to reality within Photoshop. Using a multifunctional framework, the Trulyscene Artbox delivers an easy-to-use, quick process to produce high quality artwork from digital images.

Hasn’t Photoshop always offered Brushes for Painting?

Photoshop has contained software-based Brushes for almost all of its existence. As Adobe introduced manual painting engines, a third-party cottage industry grew up covering the independent development and sale of new Brushes and Textures for digital artists. But as choices, sophistication, and scope grew, complexity for the user became a significant burden… until now.

"This all began through experimenting with macros – called Actions by Adobe – in Photoshop about ten years ago," recalls John Stevenson, the founder of Photoscena. "I was doubtful at the outset that creative or artistic image transformations would be possible using automated routines. But over time, I was able to refine my auto-sketching and auto-painting Actions to cover a wide range of styles," he added. "And then I found Picture Instruments!"

Digital Painting meets the new Photoshop Architecture

"At the time John first contacted us, we (at Picture Instruments) were playing a lead role in the first-phase of Adobe’s new Universal Extensibility Platform (UXP) development," states Robin Ochs, the company’s CEO. "We were confident that integrating clumsy-to-use Actions into a unified UXP-based Plugin was possible. Furthermore, both companies were pleased to be awarded support for these efforts from the Adobe Fund for Design. Today’s launch of the Trulyscene Artbox confirms the UXP initiative as mature and fully supportive of multifunctional add-ons to Photoshop," he noted. "Our leading edge development work will enable uniquely creative outcomes for a broad range of new and existing Photoshop subscribers."

The Trulyscene Artbox Plugin guides the user to unique results in four simple steps. Six individual presets and eight custom-configured brushes combine to offer forty-eight output options. Every use creates individual brush strokes so that no two outputs are exactly alike. Finally, the user may add their own touch to the image by non-destructive adjustment of any individual Layer in the output files. Creating artwork for professional and personal use, including large format prints, has never been this easy.

Prices and Availability

The Trulyscene Artbox Plugin works in Photoshop v.22 (or newer) and costs $39 (+VAT if applicable). It can be purchased and installed directly from the Adobe Creative Cloud App.

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Picture Instruments, based in Leverkusen, Germany, has been developing plugins and standalone software that accelerate image and video editing workflows since 2009. The release of the world’s first software for automated background removal using luminance masks put the company on the map. Since then, ongoing Adobe Development partnerships have motivated the team to create well-structured, intuitive, visually appealing, and expanded solutions.

About Photoscena

Founded in 2008, Photoscena LLC is based in Colorado Springs, CO USA and specializes in consulting and collaborative developments, both technological and artistic, in digital image processing.

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