CORGROUP LLC Released COR•REC the Business Management Software Platform

CORGROUP LLC announces the launch of COR•REC Platform.

SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine a world where engineering and marketing spoke the same language, where HR was on board with ROI. COR•REC Software Platform opens the door to this and much more.

No one software developer can answer the unique demands that exist in the world of business. However, CORGROUP LLC has created a way to bring the talent available to do just that. CORGROUP offers software developers, at no cost, an open path to add functions to the COR•REC Software Platform. Additionally, developers will have the opportunity to tie into the database of existing plugins and be part of this unimaginable all-in-one ecosystem.

The newly launched platform, and its premiere application, COR•REC Accounting, marks the beginning of this ever-expanding software platform ecosystem. To further raise the growth and enhance COR•REC as a leader in business management software, CORGROUP LLC and its expanding group of associate developers are providing a stream of business software solutions ready to plug into the COR•REC platform. The COR•REC Inventory plugin is now in beta and available earlier 2023.

Data integration of different business departments allows the exchange of accurate, up-to-date information, resulting in fewer user errors, eliminating redundant data, and increasing productivity. Managers will be more capable of delivering a consistent message to customers and teams alike.

COR•REC Accounting is included as part of the COR•REC platform, offering tiered capabilities within a single plugin to address the financial needs of a business. COR•REC Accounting has no data limits and offers unlimited standard and detailed audit and financial reports to satisfy tax and financial reporting needs. Three versions are available now. A fully functioning free single-user version, an updatable single-user version, and a multi-user version.

Although COR•REC is in the startup stage, CORGROUP LLC is no startup. Its list of clients from diverse industries speaks to its ability to create business management software that addresses real-world requirements. President Ralph H. Bosson has a long list of successes spanning more than 30 years of building and guiding software development and evaluating technologies. CORGROUP is in conversation with investors for its unique plugin platform technology.

COR•REC is quickly becoming a valuable, all-in-one business management solution unique to a business. The COR•REC software platform, along with COR•REC Accounting, is available at and coming soon to both the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.

Lynette Bosson