Consensus Intelligent Demo Automation Is Now Available on iPhone

The leading presales platform makes authentic content available for presales, sales, and channel users on iPhone, increasing the reach and mobility of buyer enablement.

LEHI, Utah, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Consensus, the leading intelligent demo automation platform, is now available on iPhone for B2B sellers. Presales and sales teams now have the ability to create, send, and track demos that help customers along the path to purchase directly from their iPhone just as they would from a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

"This is a great step forward to help sales professionals unlock the full potential of demo automation," said Garin Hess, Founder and CEO of Consensus. "The ability to access preseales created content and send from any device puts the power in the seller’s hands to enable buyers and shorten the sales cycle by getting them access to demos that much faster."

Because B2B buying has become so complex, it is increasingly important for sellers to have the ability to access demos and other presales-owned content without waiting days or weeks for a slot to open up on the presales calendar. As a result, adoption of the Consensus platform has surged. Consensus users share interactive video demos that provide an on-demand, customized experience for each viewer. This forms the backbone of the Demo Qualified Lead (DQL) strategy that has resulted in a 95% qualification rate for Presales teams, versus the median qualification rate of 30% reported in the industry.

"Buyers have the real power to close deals," says Aaron Janmohamed, VP of Marketing at Consensus. "By giving sellers access to send demos from their mobile devices, we are helping them empower buyers to get the right people involved earlier in the sales process and make the buyer’s journey more enjoyable."

The Consensus mobile app can be found in Apple’s App Store. From there, users can download the app and start creating demos by accessing their demo library and searching for the demo they want. They will then have the option to add a personal intro video for further customization, edit notifications and other settings, and send the demo from their iOS device.


Consensus, the Intelligent Demo Automation Platform, scales presales instantly with interactive video demos. Presales and technical sales teams automate repetitive product demos which allows them to reallocate that time to higher value activities. Buyers get a better experience— one that guides them with digital, interactive and on-demand video demos. This uncovers stakeholders automatically and eliminates unqualified demos, which in turn dramatically shortens sales cycles by 29% up to 68% and improves close rates by up to 44%. Market leaders like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Autodesk, Sage, Trintech, Coupa, and many others trust Consensus to scale. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Aaron Janmohamed 

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