Conjuring the Internet with Just a Few Words – Voix Offers Series of User-Friendly Voice Integration Tools for Web App Developers

NEW YORK, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Voix (https:/, a software company building developer API and tools that allow web developers to create direct voice interaction between users and websites, gets ready for the beta launch this summer. Easy to design, personalize, and implement, Voix helps build more sophisticated voice-enabled user experiences via the dashboard or client library SDK. Its speech recognition APIs work in all modern browsers and incorporate stringent security measures to protect user privacy.

"Imagine surfing the web page by page, moving through specific items on websites, and viewing that information – simply by using only the power of your voice," said Anna Avdeeva, Voix Founder and Head Software Engineer. "That’s the vision behind the Voix project. Voice is something that almost everyone can use, and by adding next-generation voice UIs to websites we not only increase overall customer satisfaction but also satisfy ADA accessibility requirements. Voix provides all-in-one solutions to adding voice commands for intuitive and efficient user experiences in web applications and websites. Among typical use cases are e-commerce websites, events, travel, or other booking services, online surveys, and so much more. I’m committed to making voice recognition more widely accessible, ultimately empowering websites and businesses to offer their users and customers better experiences through utility and comfort."

Voix: Powerful Tools for Next Generation Web Navigation

Voix contains all the tools in one place that programmers need to get started. Web developers can build, test, and deploy voice interfaces using pre-build client libraries and a web-based Voix IDE, so they can focus just on building exceptionally unique voice experiences for their users. Some major features of Voix include:

  • Advanced Analytics: Understand users’ behaviors and flows, identify unhandled voice commands, optimize VUI effectiveness.
  • Search: Visitors can more efficiently interact with websites using voice requests to receive the most relevant results instantly.
  • Data Entry: Improve data quality and user experiences with voice: e.g. fill out a form with speech-to-text data entry, etc.
  • Virtual Assistant: Easy to use virtual assistants for websites that can answer dozens of questions posed to them by visitors.
  • Shopping: Optimize customer shopping experiences with end-to-end services on a wide variety of e-commerce sites, all voice activated.

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About Voix: Voice Commands for the Web

Voix envisions an entire internet powered by the human voice and is committed to making voice interactions more widely accessible to developers and users. Proudly leading the way with a series of proprietary API and SDK voice integration tools specially built for easy deployment by developers, Voix allows the additions of intuitive, simple, and user-friendly voice UI tools into websites and applications on any browser. Learn more at:  


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