Cloud-based Communication Platform, VOXOX, Announces Release of New Features

SAN DIEGO, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VOXOX, a 5G-enabled, AI communications platform for businesses, today announced their new released features over the last year that further enhances ease of communication and convenience for business owners wanting to better connect with their customers. VOXOX continues to add new improvements that strengthen entrepreneurs’ abilities to build a loyal customer base with high engagement rates. In the last year, VOXOX has added new capabilities for their virtual receptionist and texting solutions, implemented a new policy where welcome messages and compliance texts are now free, and extended promotions to global partners.

“At VOXOX, we are committed to relentless improvement that not only strengthens communication between a business and its customer base, but also makes their lives more convenient, all at a price that fits their budget,” states Cleve Adams, CEO of VOXOX.

VOXOX’s Virtual Receptionist solution simplifies and improves customer service professionalism for phone communication by allowing businesses to automatically answer, route and manage calls. Now with support in over 30 languages, users around the world can set their greeting to any of these languages with options for different accents and male and female voice talents. There is also a Voice Studio where greetings can be recorded by a live voice professional.

Virtual Receptionist has received a user experience update to enable a cleaner web and mobile experience, giving users the ease of making changes on the go from a phone or the web. VOXOX has also added a feature where users can set up automations so callers can opt-in to receive automated text messages with relevant information such as business hours and promotional links. Users can now edit the number menu options so callers can “Press 1” to join a text list.

Using a desk phone is normal for many organizations that prefer convenience and speakerphone quality. VoIP Desk Phones are now available for power users and are also available in WiFi models. 

VOXOX’s text marketing feature has also seen updates such as the Auto-Response tool that automatically triggers a reply text based off a set list of words. Additionally, blast text messages can now be sent with a local number and will soon be able to be sent instantly together instead of sending one message every five seconds. VOXOX is also working on creating automated keywords that will reply with a text message when sent to your VoxDirect or CloudPhone service.

Text marketing drip campaigns can now be utilized by sending a series of automated text messages when a new contact joins a subscriber list. Adding and managing subscriber lists has become much easier with the option to send a welcome text message that is automatically delivered when a contact is added to your list. Users can also choose to customize the welcome message that is sent to the new contacts.

VOXOX is committed to providing best in class voice and text tools that do not hide hidden costs. Messages that are required, such as compliance or welcome texts, are now free of charge. Text messages support 470 characters per message regardless of content or the number of emojis used. Users can be confident knowing exactly what they are purchasing without confusing credits or segments: 1,000 texts per month means 1,000 texts can be sent.

Supporting global customers in Malaysia, Costa Rica, and Nigeria, last year VOXOX released promotions for global partners to support Covid-19 relief efforts. VOXOX worked with each of their partners to provide new promotions including a plan to support Small Business, which was partially subsidized by the government of Malaysia.

VOXOX also announced their integration with Zapier, which has allowed the ability for businesses to integrate their platform with apps such as Slack, Zendesk, WordPress, Trello and 3000+ others to automate workflows.

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VOXOX is an innovator in 5G/AI cloud-based communication solutions for businesses. The foundation of the company’s offerings is its award-winning Platform as a Service, which enables the company and its customers to build powerful, scalable white-labeled applications and services. For end-users, VOXOX provides an extensive suite of carrier-grade business phone solutions, including VoxDirect, SIP Trunking, and a wide array of wholesale services, such as high-volume SMS. For service provider partners, VOXOX delivers cutting-edge voice and text messaging apps and services, including white-label versions of VoxDirect, a small business solution for global mobile operators. VOXOX is headquartered in San Diego. For more information, please visit

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