Cleardot Games Launches Game in Honor of Departed German Shepherd, and Hides Bitcoin Within

LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One-man indie developer Neil Collier (Cleardot Games) today announced an August 2nd release date on Steam for his charming, retro RPG detective game about a stolen beard and a dog called Leo. Set in a small town where having a beard is a legal requirement, the player must solve the mystery with his pet dog (Leo), who is based on the developers own real life German Shepherd who died in 2017. Dad jokes, beards and a cast of wacky characters see the player uncovering conspiracies in the town, and befriending residents by doing their bidding and gifting them beard gel or coffee.

Developer Neil Collier says:

"At first it was simply important to me to make a game in honor of my dog that had passed away. I wanted the game to embody his goofy and friendly nature, and love for life.  But it became much more than that…"

Who Stole My Beard challenges the player to discover the plight of his stolen beard in a Big Brother-esque city called Beardsville. Indie, the main protagonist, must use his fake beards, goofy items and questionable wit to uncover the crime with his dog companion. Avoid the beard police, find the elusive Wizard beard, hidden Bitcoin, darts, trivia and other wacky mini games are just a few of the many quests.

Also, hidden within the game is an easter egg quest requiring Indie to find 12 hidden words, which comprise a seed phrase for a real-life Bitcoin wallet. First to unlock it gets the Bitcoin.

"The Bitcoin challenge is just a bit of harmless fun, but I do personally love Bitcoin and thought why not put some in the game? We’ll see who ends up finding it…"

It’s all a bit silly, but that seems to be the point, so if you’re looking for a casual adventure with a lot of hidden gems this might be for you.

It’s time to save the city and find your stolen beard. Purchase Who Stole My Beard on Steam for a 10% discount during launch week, which starts on August 2nd.


Neil Collier  
Cleardot Games

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