Cerby Releases State of Employee Trust Report

New research reveals data on the critical importance of Zero Trust principles for applications coupled with practices that demonstrate high trust for employees

ALAMEDA, Calif., Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cerby, the cybersecurity leader in protecting ‘unmanageable applications,’ which lack support for common identity standards like single sign-on, today released its State of Employee Trust Report. It can be downloaded here.

The State of Employee Trust Report examines the contrast that exists in considering whether Zero Trust principles that succeed in securing data, applications, assets, and services (DAAS), should be applied to employees in the same way. The simple answer is no, and the report spotlights a challenging conflict organizations need to examine in 2023 – between zero trust principles that drive security and high trust practices that are essential to elevating employee happiness, workplace satisfaction, and loyalty.

  • According to the study, employees rank trust as more important than financial compensation. 47% of employees and managers say they would take a 20% cut in pay in return for higher trust by their employer.
  • The three other characteristics most valued by employees were flexibility (48%), autonomy (42%), and being empowered to choose the applications needed to work effectively (39%).
  • 81% of employees felt increased energy, happiness, productivity, and contribution when employers demonstrated trust. 

High employee trust yields better outcomes for everyone. Allowing employees the freedom to choose the applications they use for work can significantly impact trust. And, especially in an increasingly remote and hybrid workplace, employers need to substantially improve factors that deliver high job satisfaction, high happiness, and low stress.

The data shows when organizations don’t recognize the problem at the intersection of business efficiency and cybersecurity policy, they’re bound for a lose-lose scenario where employees download and use unmanageable apps they believe will boost productivity. As a result — cyber risk expands, and human trust, which correlates closely with job satisfaction and happiness, erodes.

“The Report validates Cerby’s core value proposition, recognizing the need for employee preferences and enterprise security priorities to live in complementary co-existence. It also dives deeper into risks organizations take and losses they (and employees) experience when operating without technology to balance employee autonomy, empowerment and productivity with security,” said Belsasar Lepe, co-founder and CEO of Cerby.

When it comes to an organization’s data, assets, applications, and services, aim for Zero Trust. But when it comes to employees, high levels of human trust should be the goal. To quote famed investor Warren Buffett, “Trust is like the air we breathe: when it is present, nobody really notices. But when it’s absent, everybody notices.”

Cerby solves the problem of ‘unmanageable applications,’ that lack support for security standards, like single sign-on, connecting them to corporate identity providers like Okta and Microsoft’s Azure AD. Cerby discovers new applications, eliminates manual security tasks like offboarding, and addresses misconfigurations like disabled 2FA while increasing employee productivity.

About Cerby

Cerby delivers the world’s first user-driven security platform for unmanageable applications. We protect brands around the world, including some of the most recognizable businesses, by automating manual processes, uncovering security issues, and empowering users to implement zero trust principles. Our proprietary technology uses robotic process automation to understand applications in a business context and automatically enforces security best practices before misconfigurations turn into breaches. Cerby is a must-have for technology executives and their teams to protect the brand, stay secure and increase productivity.

At Cerby, we believe that employee application choice and security can go hand-in-hand, but only when employees are trusted to choose the best applications for their work. When employees are allowed this choice, productivity increases and security moves from the IT department to the responsibility of every employee.

Cerby’s platform enables clients like Fox, L’OrĂ©al, Dentsu, Wizeline, and Televisa to fix common application liabilities efficiently while facilitating collaboration. To learn more, visit Cerby.com and follow us on LINKEDIN, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

Jackie Lucas
Vera Voce Communications