Cerby Eliminates the Need for Enterprise Password Managers

Enterprise Password Managers (EPMs) no longer meet modern enterprise security needs, Cerby offers a comprehensive solution

ALAMEDA, Calif., Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cerby, the cybersecurity leader protecting applications which lack support for common identity standards like single sign-on, today announced a free trial for the first time ever, of their innovative alternative to an EPM. This comes in response to the heightened urgency organizations are experiencing to replace their password managers in light of recent breaches experienced by EPM vendors.

The challenges with EPMs are many, but the heart of the problem is they only address one aspect of the identity lifecycle: the password. All other stages are left to the end user, leaving them with a fragmented user experience and a slew of critical security tasks to carry out manually. For instance, users may only need to remember the master password but are still left to manage critical security tasks like turning on two-factor authentication (2FA), manually rotating hundreds of passwords after a breach, and removing access to applications for former employees. EPMs also lack visibility into user access and activity, making it necessary for enterprises to use other solutions to detect and manage rogue accounts (shadow IT). 

“After many years in the tech industry at Google and as co-founder at Ooyala, my co-founders and I saw this problem firsthand. The Cerba founding team, including myself and Vidal González, decided to build a solution for applications outside the reach of identity platforms. Our goals were to eliminate the UX and security problems of EPMs and deliver visibility, control, automation, and an intuitive interface every business user can easily master,” said Belsasar Lepe, co-founder and CEO of Cerby. “Today, as we educate the market about important distinctions between Cerby and EPMs, organizations are eager to engage with us, to the delight of their employees thanks to Cerby’s ease of use while closing critical security gaps.”

The next generation of access management is not password managers. With Cerby, organizations have a single control point for all applications typically outside the reach of identity and access management platforms. Cerby’s comprehensive approach extends existing investments in identity platforms like Okta and Azure AD, thereby reducing complexity and eliminating the need for multiple security solutions. This improves the overall security posture of the organization, and empowers employees by freeing them from the burden of managing security tasks so they can focus on aore responsibilities.

About Cerby
Cerby provides identity teams with the only comprehensive access management platform for nonfederated applications. Harnessing the power of identity providers, Cerby removes the need for enterprise password managers by extending single sign-on and lifecycle management capabilities to any application. Cerby’s patent-pending access orchestration engine is the first and only to make passwordless authentication an immediate reality for nonfederated applications. Cerby saves time and money by automating manual tasks, like offboarding and 2FA enrollment, and providing IAM professionals with deep visibility and control of employee-onboarded applications. With Cerby, identity teams can extend access, minimize risk and lower costs.

Since we released our offering in 2022, Cerby’s platform has enabled clients like L’Oréal, Fox, Dentsu, and Televisa to detect rogue apps and guide business users to more secure alternatives, all while keeping everything under the umbrella of their IdP. To learn more, visit Cerby.com and follow us on LINKEDIN, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

Jackie Lucas
Vera Voce Communications