Breaking News for Mobile App Developers: The Newest Technology for Adding SVG Animations Is Here!

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The leading SVG editor and animator tool has come up with a groundbreaking new solution that will forever change the way developers implement animations in mobile apps. SVGator’s cross-platform mobile export feature makes it possible to generate a ready-to-use SVG animation that can be easily added to React Native and Flutter frameworks, without having to use any third-party apps or plug-ins. This revolutionary new way to manage mobile app animations will build a bridge between graphic designers and developers, as both parties will be able to easily edit, change, and export the files.

SVGator comes with a full-featured SVG editor, an intuitive user interface, familiar graphic tools, and the most advanced animators, letting users create animations without writing a single line of code. It is a huge time-saver for both design professionals and developers because it simplifies the complicated animation process, as the code is automatically generated in the background. Plus, all the features can be tested for free, without giving credit card details.

Advantages of SVGator’s mobile export feature:

SVGator exports a single file that can be used right away in React Native or Flutter without any compatibility issues in native apps; the animation will have the same performance as inside a website. It is a cross-platform solution, so both iOS and Android apps can use the SVG animations.

It offers a non-technical workaround that both designers and developers will enjoy, so it is super easy to create and animate SVG, then export it with a single click. Additional changes can be made easily either in SVGator or directly in code, depending on the user’s preference.

SVGator offers a single-player setup that significantly reduces APK and IPA file sizes. Developers can choose to have the player either embedded or install a package for single-player mode, which includes SVGator’s own SVG player node module. The mobile app animations will play even without internet connection.

It also supports interactivity, so users are able to choose different triggers for the animations. In the case of mobile apps, animations can play either on load or on tap. The exported file will be resolution-independent and lightweight.

About SVGator

SVGator is an online SVG creator and animator tool. Its history dates back to 2017, when a team of designers recognized the hidden powers of SVG, namely that it’s infinitely scalable, small in file size, and can be animated. The app has helped thousands of designers to create animations without any coding skills and continues its success story with the new mobile export feature that brings SVG animations to the table for mobile app developers.

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