Boostlingo Expands the World of Interpretation Services Access and Support with the Boostlingo Integration for Zoom

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Boostlingo, a leading provider of SAAS-based interpreting technology solutions for global language access, today announced its addition to the Zoom App Marketplace. Boostlingo will be the first in-meeting live language interpreting software application to be included in the Zoom App Marketplace and will offer both organizational and individual account support. With Boostlingo now in the Zoom App Marketplace, any Zoom Meetings user that requires foreign language support will be able to add professional interpreters directly into their Zoom Meetings experience.

Boostlingo’s addition into the Zoom App Marketplace marks the latest interoperability achievement from the company’s prolific language technology innovation and development team. It opens up new opportunities and more flexibility for language service providers and interpreters everywhere.  Professional remote interpreters accustomed to using the Boostlingo platform can now be seamlessly added on-demand into the Zoom environment. The Boostlingo platform supports a vast network of certified interpreters with support in over 300 spoken word languages and multiple sign languages. Instant language support and connectivity can now be made accessible to Zoom Video Communications, Inc. users everywhere.

Bryan Forrester, co-founder and CEO of Boostlingo said “Boostlingo’s mission has always been to change the way Language Interpreting services are delivered. With this interpretation integration into Zoom Meeting product, we are making it a one-click process to add On-Demand, High Quality interpreters into Zoom Meetings. This feature is simply a game-changer for many of our customers and it will help break down language barriers.”

With this release, Boostlingo will enable you to:

  • Configure Zoom services for your Zoom accounts – Zoom’s configuration policies allow you to create Zoom access for your clients.  Set up configuration once and apply it to all your accounts or customize the configuration for just one.  Our policy engine allows for the cloning of settings to help reduce administration time for all your many accounts.
  • Allow your client accounts to register their Zoom instance with Boost – Boostlingo supports both Organization and User level authentication.  Are your clients using Zoom Pro or Zoom Business?  Your client’s Zoom administrators can authenticate their account with Boostlingo, and all of your client’s supported users will be automatically enabled.
  • Boostlingo supports Zoom authentication – Boostlingo can support authentication at both the organizational level and at the individual user level, which means if users have their own individual accounts, they can authenticate their Zoom accounts strictly for their own access.
  • Add VRI interpreters On Demand – Once the configuration is done, interpreters receive interpretation requests like they normally do and when answered on the web, they will be automatically joined into a Zoom session as a meeting participant.  No need for a plugin, the app does everything for you! Use your own interpreter team members or enable the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) to take the call for you. With access to over 8000+ certified professional interpreters in over 300 languages available you can be assured that on-demand language support is available for every Zoom meeting.
  • Full back-end reporting – At the conclusion of the Zoom Meeting, Boostlingo will have captured all the exact same important call data that a regular Boostlingo interpreting session would have collected. All of the information you expect to have access to is there.  From call start times, to call durations, interpreter information, and call quality ratings, everything you need is available and ready for you to report/export.

We are excited to bring this comprehensive Zoom integration capability to organizations requiring professional language access and support” asserts Brian D’Agostino, co-founder and VP of Products at Boostlingo. “For companies who rely on Zoom for their video conferencing needs and agencies that use Boostlingo to manage their interpreting business, this represents another important step forward in On-Demand language and communication ubiquity.” 

Professional interpreters across the globe can now be added to Zoom Meetings anytime and agencies can use their own interpreters or leverage the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network comprised of over 8000 certified remote interpreting professionals. 

Zoom integration for Boostlingo was released on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 and is now available.

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Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in San Francisco, California. Boostlingo is focused on defining and developing the next generation of interpretation technology solutions.

We are all about creating technology that connects people across the globe and breaking down communication barriers.

We deliver multilingual communication access via interpretation delivery and interpretation management software applications. At Boostlingo, our vision is to provide technologies that provide seamless and ubiquitous access to language support services. 

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