Aiden Innovates AI-Driven Natural Language Processing and Unparalleled Automation for Microsoft Windows Endpoint Management

PLANO, Texas, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aiden launched today unveiling its DevOps for Windows solution to automate enterprise endpoint management. As all organizations confront lingering vulnerabilities that require patching systems daily, IT is increasingly responsible to identify, remediate and validate new issues. Aiden’s technology, developed and proven in two of America’s leading private equity (PE) firms, bridges the gap between cybersecurity and IT to ensure that every endpoint is updated and protected. IT teams and service providers leverage Aiden to precisely patch and deploy software, firmware, and drivers to all Windows PCs, servers, and VDI. Now, their engineers are focused on high-profile, high-visibility work.

Aiden, with headquarters in Plano, TX, and offices in CA, NY, and OH, is led by an accomplished executive team that includes substantial private equity, corporate, tech, and entrepreneurial expertise. They have a driving passion for bringing automation, security, and IT excellence to highly regulated industries, like healthcare and the financial services markets.

  • CEO and Co-Founder Joshua Aaron is an enterprise IT expert and entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience as a CEO, CIO, and CTO at reputable businesses, including Hellman & Friedman and Business Technology Partners (BTP). As the founder of BTP, a premier IT consulting firm, Aaron garnered clients across some of the world’s largest financial, legal, and healthcare organizations.
  • COO and Co-Founder Jeff Moore is a serial entrepreneur who has raised over $10M, a business strategist, and an angel investor. With over 30 years of experience in growing FinTech startups, Jeff has successfully coached startups to rapidly scale to $100M in revenue resulting in 100x ROI.
  • Principal System Architect and Co-Founder Sean Maloney is a senior-level automation engineer and Aiden’s creator. Maloney has worked for top-tier PE and technology firms like Milestone Technologies, SanDisk, and McAfee. He developed Aiden while working alongside Silicon Valley’s top pioneers in software deployment and Microsoft systems administration.

Aiden was created to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes in endpoint management while enforcing compliance. With Aiden, IT teams can automate and validate software deployment, bring greater consistency to every Windows system, and harden security posture. Aiden’s customers report a 97% reduction in vulnerabilities, 75% fewer helpdesk tickets, and a significant reduction in time spent patching. While many deployment tools claim to automate endpoint management, only Aiden autonomously follows your policies in plain English using natural language processing (NLP). Aiden streamlines deployment without the need for developing targeting rules, validation logic, or mastering complex scripting and application package engineering.

“IT teams everywhere are overwhelmed with an increasing velocity of attacks that exploit vulnerabilities while upkeep is dominating the priority list,” said CEO Joshua Aaron. “Our goal is to liberate IT teams from painstaking, yet critical, maintenance work and to make every company more efficient, secure, and compliant in the process.”

On April 27, Aiden will host our first ‘IT-Security Paradigm Shift’ panel discussion addressing the crucial need to bring IT and cybersecurity closer together for the promise of a more reliable and secure computing environment.

The panel will give insights on:

  • The future of endpoint management in the new normal, including WFH.
  • Improving communications between IT and Cybersecurity.
  • Filling technical hiring gaps with an eye for requisite skills required in a future with more automation.

To register to attend the Aiden roundtable discussion or to schedule a 30-minute discovery call, go to and see firsthand how Aiden will reshape the way you get IT done.

Meet Aiden
Aiden is a patch management, software deployment, and endpoint security managed service for Windows. Aiden allows CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs with overloaded IT teams to off-load time-consuming maintenance, so their engineers can focus on high-priority, high-visibility projects. Aiden’s intelligent packaging utility integrates with any deployment tool, providing the content required to enforce desired state configuration and compliance. By shortening the time to patch systems from an average of 102 days to under two weeks, Aiden reduces vulnerabilities by 97% and helpdesk tickets by more than 75%. For more information, go to and follow us on social media @meetaiden.

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