Ahura AI Joins Elite Roster of Alchemist Accelerator Graduates from the Class of XXVII

SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ahura AI, a leading artificial intelligence innovator demonstrated the company’s knowledge platform to equip, inspire, and help people learn 3-5 times faster, to achieve a competitive edge in the new economy. The company’s demo marks the completion of the prestigious 6- month acceleration program with Alchemist, the world’s leading B2B accelerator.

Innovation has created a time of unprecedented automation, industrial renaissance, and defining a new economy that is threatening an estimated 800M jobs (according to a 2019 study by McKinsey Global Institute). So how are we training the workforce of the future?

“We are helping companies foster an upskill learning culture and community with lasting impact and scale,” said Bryan Talebi, Founder & CEO of Ahura AI. “We developed Ahura AI precisely because personalized education is proven to be the most effective way to teach and learn.” 

Helping Corporations Embrace Learning Culture

Constant learning culture has never been as critical to corporate existence. Companies are faced with choices to either conduct large scale layoffs and hire new workers with different skills or upskill existing workers to fill new roles. The more popular former option comes with great risk and six times higher costs than upskilling. According to a recent Randstad Risesmart survey, “reskilling an existing employee can cost just $20,000 or less, meaning the cost savings realized by skilling can be as much as $116,000 per person over the course of three years.” Till now, there has not been a compelling or efficient option for upskilling workforces. In other words, it can cost up to six times as much to hire externally versus hiring from within.          

Corporations worldwide do not have access to an integrated platform that trains and creates a culture of constant learning for their workers. Training has historically been an “as needed” benefit and accessed on a critical need basis. 

Ahura AI has pioneered a way to advance learning exponentially; recognizing that everyone learns at a different cadence and at their best with different formats of education.

Not unlike poker players, we all have ‘tells’ that give away when we are distracted, frustrated, or inspired. Ahura’s technology, embedded into phone and laptop cameras, microphones, and wearables, can collect with permission over 10,000 biometric data points per second, which in real-time are run through our AI learning models so that the platform can provide immediate feedback and guidance to the user that helps them achieve goals, gain knowledge, and increase confidence. The AI platform hyper personalizes and delivers content through text based, experiential, and video based formats to fit each individual’s needs. 

About Ahura AI

The company’s vision is to define a new sector for lasting knowledge, to better understand the way we learn, and to provide a powerful AI platform for human capital to thrive. Ahura AI seeks to equip, inspire and become the trusted platform for knowledge training, and to foster a corporate learning culture for competitive edge. The company’s technology platform seeks to understand how we learn and to create a personalized environment to catalyze new skills, knowledge, and development to succeed in the 4th industrial revolution. For more information about Ahura AI and how to sign up for the company’s beta list, please visit: www.ahuraai.com.

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