2021 Google Workspace Ecosystem Landscape and Ecosystem Guide by Happeo Featuring Leading Workspace Integrated Applications

AMSTERDAM, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Happeo, the social intranet built to make work a happier place, announces the launch of the Google Workspace Ecosystem Guide. The findings from this research offer insights into who the key players are and which tools are prevailing.

This handbook provides all the necessary information needed for Google Workspace users to decide which apps will benefit them most and includes a visual overview of all those tools. It’s also a guide for companies considering adopting Google Workspace.

With over 900 apps available, the Google Workspace Marketplace is competitive. Happeo took an analyst approach by first narrowing down the main business categories in which Workspace users benefit from adopting a solution. Then, the tools that offer the strongest integrations to Google Workspace were selected and given a comprehensive overview. Lastly, a Google Workspace landscape map including all the existing tools was created. This visual offers a unique overview of all the tools and solutions out there and is the first of its kind since Google launched the Workspace marketplace.

Lidia Lüttin, Happeo’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: "We saw an opportunity to study the growing Google Workspace Marketplace to provide invaluable insights on all the available tools out there. With the landscape map we’ll be able to visualize the Marketplace, and track its progress as we’ll be updating it on a yearly basis. We know there’s a high demand for Google Workspace integrated applications, and we’re excited to see what new solutions will join the Marketplace."

The guide is free and can be found on Happeo’s website.

About Happeo
Happeo is a social intranet, designed for businesses that work with Google Workspace. It acts as a company’s news stream and enterprise social network, combined into a branded intranet environment. Happeo enables your workplace communications to flow seamlessly, making work a happier place for all.

Business success in today’s world depends on talent and a company’s ability to build and maintain a high-performing digital culture – a place where employees lead the conversation, share information freely, and fuel business growth. Large enterprises and fast-growing organizations like Trimble, State Auto and Randstad Sourceright use Happeo to engage, align, and retain more than 300,000 employees worldwide.

In 2019, Gartner named Happeo a Cool Vendor. That same year, The Next Web recognized Happeo as one of Europe’s fastest-growing scale-ups. In 2021, G2 awarded Happeo with the "Easiest to Use" and "Momentum Leader" badges. Happeo’s talent is spread across locations, generations, and time zones, helping Happeo’s continued growth. To learn more visit https://www.happeo.com.

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